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Welcome to Rabbi and Rebbetzen Atlas

Written by Webmaster Sunday, 13 April 2014 11:42

Rabbi and Rebbetzen Atlas

Welcome to Yeshurun! - Rabbi Chanan and Rebbetzen Nechama Atlas have arrived, along with their 4 children.

Rabbi & Rebbetzen Atlas and family

Rabbi Atlas is Israeli born with American parents and is from a family of Rabbonim. He comes to us via Birmingham and prior to that David Cardozo Academy Israel and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Rabbi Atlas is from the growing ‘modern orthodox’ group of Rabbis. He worked for an organisation that is training young Israeli Rabbis for a rabbinic career in the diaspora. He stresses the importance of secular education for his family and for all Jews and the necessity to be involved with the non-Jewish world and not to be isolated from it.

Rebbetzen Nechama Atlas

Rebbetzen Nechama Atlas is also Israeli born and from Dutch parents. She has a teaching degree from Beit Ya’acov women’s college where she specialised in Child Counselling and TeNaCh & is working towards her Master’s degree. She taught religious studies in Port Elizabeth and worked as an educational counsellor in Israeli schools. She has learned with her father, the well-known and distinguished Rabbi Natan Lopes Cardozo. Rebbetzen Atlas sees herself as partner to her husband’s work. She is particularly focused and involved with learning for women and working with the youth of the community. 

Relaxing in the Lake District



Rabbi Chanan and Rebbetzen Nechama said after their visits and planning discussions with Yeshurun teams 

“You are such a vibrant Community and we are so proud to be joining you! We can’t wait to meet with you all ! “




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