Arguing the Case for Israel

In July. Yeshurun hosted an informed and captivating review of the current challenges in presenting Israel’s case from Lorna Fitzsimons, Chief Executive of Bicom. In her wide sweeping review of the current situation facing the advocates for Israel, Lorna Fitzsimons pointed out that the real concern of the Methodists’ decision was the alarming implication that Christian Zionism was invalid.

lorna_fitzsimonsThere have been some successes, however, she reported. The International Trades Union Congress recently refused, against expectations, to back a boycott against Israel, and William Hague is very conscious of the Iranian nuclear threat. Ms Fitzsimons believes that it is vital for Bicom and the Jewish community to help define the new coalition’s foreign policy and to support Israel’s friends. She expects that autumn will be a challenging time with threats which are “real, increasing, and becoming critical” and praised the Yeshurun community for its proactive support.