Yeshurun meet & greet new Rabbinical couple

Almost 100 people turned up on Sunday 15th June at Yeshurun Synagogue at an informal ‘meet and greet’ coffee morning to welcome their new rabbinical couple, Nechama and Chanan Atlas who joined the congregation after Pesach. The Rabbi and Nechama personally contacted as many members to invite them to come along, and it was greatly appreciated by those members .

It was a wonderful occasion, very relaxed and casual, and gave many Yeshurun members the opportunity to meet their new Rabbi and his wife away from the usual Shabbat or Yomtov Service, and Kiddush. Additionally, our oldest member, Jack Miller, who celebrated his 104th birthday on the day, was able to attend, and we were able to sing a rousing Happy Birthday to him, and he said a few words to the community.

We really hope that people planning to move into South Manchester will consider Gatley / Cheadle as an option, with our very special modern orthodox, tolerant and forward thinking community ethos.