In keeping with everyone the current conflict has put increased demands on the Or Meir and Bracha Victims of Terror Centre and the needs for funds is greater than ever. Thanks to everyone who has already responded to the emergency appeal, but can I appeal to all of you to try to support us at this time
As well as increased personal requests from existing families we support, appeals for help from new families affected by this current conflict come in on a daily basis.
In addition to this there have been appeals for help from the Centre’s adopted army unit in southern Israel and the request for specific supplies meant £12,000 is having to be raised. If you can help in any way please send your donations into Leonard in the Shul office


It is difficult to describe how much our ongoing support means to our adopted families and to the Centre so it is vital I am able to continue to keep up with the demand.
As the vast amount of the money that comes into our account comes from other synagogues and sources, I particularly want to thank everyone involved for that. Without that there is no way I could maintain the regular payment of £1100 a month that we are committed to, never mind meet the many requests for extra help that come in regularly. It would really help if more people signed up to a regular payment, however small.

I can assure you that the lifeline we provide for our families is the only thing that makes them able to cope with the huge emotional and financial difficulties they face on a daily basis.

Please do what you can to help We are a registered charity and can accept vouchers .