Annual AJEX Remembrance & Civic Service

Appeal for help with funding. Once again we are seeking the support of the community to help fund the annual AJEX Remembrance and Civic Service Kiddush which takes place at Yeshurun on Shabbat November 8. Sadly the number of AJEX members is diminishing and we need to rely on others to help us fund this important occasion which is so good for community and interfaith relations. Cheques can be made payable to AJEX and sent to the Synagogue office. Of course, we look forward to the ongoing loyal financial support of AJEX members. We are extremely grateful to Ruth Kaitiff for the very generous donation towards the Kiddush from her Coffee and Bagels events. We are hoping children from the Cheder and other young people from our Synagogue and members of any Jewish Scout or Brownie groups and Jewish Youth Movements  will be able to join the annual Remembrance Sunday Parade in Cheadle which is on Sunday 9 November at 10.30am. It is very important that our young people participate to carry forward the message of those who played their part in protecting this country during the two world wars.

For further information please contact the Shul office or email [email protected]. Please will AJEX members and other members of the congregation make every effort to attend the Parade and will AJEX MEMBERS let Leonard know in the office if you will be in Synagogue for the Civic Service so you can be put on a list for an aliya if they are available. Also confirm if you are able to attend the parade on the Sunday. The assembly point is by the church in Massey Street at 10.30am and the parade contingents walk to the Cenotaph at the far end of the High Street. Our community is always shown the utmost respect on this occasion and we are anxious to maintain a good turnout of Jewish participants. Best wishes Brian and Joy Wolfe.