Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation, Cheadle & Gatley

Our community has been established for over 55 years, and has an enviable reputation for friendliness and a very welcoming atmosphere. At the centre of our success is our modern strongly inclusive approach, together with a fully democratic attitude covering the many aspects involved in the running of the synagogue. 


Yeshurun is very proud of its broad range of activities –  not just a place of prayer but a dynamic community, where lifelong friendships are made and treasured.

We are an Orthodox Shul with a strong ethos and a rich sense of Community. Our prayer services are dynamic, spirited and aim to make Judaism relevant to all members and age groups. Yeshurun established a Tefilah group for women as well as youth minyanim and a wide range of social and innovative learning activities for all age ranges.

Located in Cheadle and Gatley, an attractive area of South Manchester on the edge of the Cheshire countryside, it offers a wide range of affordable housing. There is everything on hand that you might need – the award-winning Jewish Nursery and Primary School, a local kosher deli and a well known supermarket stocking kosher products and local home deliveries from N Manchester. There’s a local Mikveh and planning permission for an Eruv, which includes Bruntwood and Scholes parks and recreation areas. There are transport links to the Senior Jewish Schools in North Manchester and excellent transport links across the country and internationally

If you are looking for a Community  that offers a welcoming and accepting view, then Yeshurun is the right place for you!