Bar / Bat Mitzvah Programme

BAR/BAT MITZVAH PROGRAMME with Rabbi Greg for boys (year 7 & 8) & Rebbetzen Hannah for girls (year 6 & 7).

During covid times, the class programmes were run remotely via Zoom and now, when permitted by guidelines, in a safe, socially distanced Shul location.

The programme comprises eight 2 hour sessions and involve parents (or grandparents or others if preferred), including a ‘weekend away’ Shabbaton for participants and their families. This is an excellent opportunity for meaningful bonding in addition to a deep Jewish educational experience. 

Programmes place emphasis on values such as Responsibility, Gratitude, Heroism, Self-control, Patience, Freedom, National Independence.

The classes cover a variety of subjects including: 

Jewish life cycle events; Halacha; Kashrut; Shabbat; Chagim; Tephila, Chessed; Morals and Ethics; Text recognition ; Synagogue geography and familiarity‐ including the Siddur 

There are also fun activities including arts & crafts, baking challot and oznei haman for Purim, visiting the Mikveh and teaching familiarity of kashrut and kosher products in a supermarket

The classes are well attended and participation is high, which is a testament to the preparation, teaching and presentation as well as student enthusiasm. It is important that parents make time for this important pre Bar/Batmitzvah preparation.

Contact the Synagogue office for further details.