The Guild@Yeshurun

Whilst our name may have changed a few times over the last few years, the important role that members play within the shul has remained consistent, and members work hard to ensure that the shul continues to function smoothly.

This may not always be visible, but we are involved in kiddushim, Yom Tov and events; hosting communal kiddushim and organising sponsored kiddushim; organising Rosh Hashanah greetings – a major fund-raiser; cleaning the Shul silver; helping with Succot breakfasts and arranging the decoration of the Succah; organising plants to decorate the Shul for Shavuot; maintaining the Shul kitchens to ensure we meet and exceed hygiene requirements etc. All this does not happen without the hard work and dedication of members. 

In addition to the ‘hidden’ work, we organise events that are always well attended and enjoyable, raising funds to contribute to keep Yeshurun ‘moving, fed & clean’, and ensuring that Yeshurun remains the focus of both our community and the wider Manchester community and beyond.

As examples of events, we organised the Yeshurun High Street and afternoon tea in June; the annual Autumn Hat Evening in September;      Clarins beauty demonstration in November; a fascinating talk about The Queen’s Jewels, by Edward Green, followed by lunch in February, we host the annual lunch for the  group of disabled Israeli soldiers who visit Manchester. A Supper quiz is planned most Decembers and a Desert Island Discs previously,  together with theatre visits, fashion show etc.

Year in, year out, we are always there for the good of our shul and its members. Financial donations are given for shul projects and communal Kiddushim are regularly provided.

We have a group of  long-standing members who work tirelessly and new members assisting them increasingly. We would encourage new members to come forward to help us to continue in the future. It’s a great way of getting to know everyone!

Whilst our regular meetings are worth coming to, even if only for the refreshments (!), we know that committees are not for everyone, but we do need help organising and running events, so if you are happy to be called on once in a while, please get in touch.

If you want to learn more about the group, want to come to a meeting, or can spare some time to help, please contact us via [email protected]