Wardens Committee

The Wardens Committee is the mechanism by which those men interested in learning how to manage the services get to learn how this is done, and at the same time give valuable assistance to the existing team, ably managed by the Gabbai.  This can be anything from assistance at a weekday minyan through to assistance at Yomim Noraim, all with suitable training and guidance.

We are pleased that this year we have seen 3 newer and younger members of the Warden’s Committee sharing the leadership role in organising and helping to run the many services of the Shul.  We want to encourage more new members to join this committee.  It gives us particular pleasure to see the attendances we maintain during Shabbat and all the Chagim.  The congregation continues to enjoy our services, our Kiddushim and the unique atmosphere of our Community which promotes a welcome to all our members and guests.  Rabbi Atlas takes a keen interest in the role of the Gabbais team,  and is always ready to offer support and give encouragement, for which we are very grateful.    

We have a wealth of talent within our community,  in terms of leading the services and lehning, and in particular it has been a pleasure to see some of our Barmitzvah boys lehen their Sedrot and also many past Barmitzvah boys have returned to lehen their Sedrot again.

Whilst the Gabbaim manage these activities, it is the general membership who are the core of the minyan, both weekdays and on Shabbat. We encourage all to come and support the minyanim and to ‘bring a friend’ or relative so we can ensure those saying Kaddish have a minyan to do so.

Further thanks to those business people who work in the locality but are members of other Shuls, particularly those from North Manchester, who support our lunchtime autumn and winter minyan, together with our local members.  It provides a certain South Manchester location for a lunchtime minyan for those saying Kaddish.