Joining Yeshurun and living in Cheadle & Gatley

Joining Yeshurun

We welcome all Jews whose halachic status is accepted by the Anglo-Jewish Orthodox Rabbinate. Whatever your level of observance, our community will welcome you on an equal basis and without judgement.

Why Yeshurun?

The ethos of our community is Orthodoxy in the modern world, in the full sense of the words.

Tolerance, equality and involvement as Jews in today’s world, with a strong Zionist outlook.

What do you want from your shul membership? Somewhere to pray at Yom Tov, Shabbat or special occasions? Or to be fully part of the daily minyanim, learning and social activities? You’re welcome at Yeshurun!

Yeshurun is a community where you can get involved – from children’s activities and education, youth activities for the older teens, local Jewish school and secondary Jewish schools a bus ride away.

A broad range of activities for adult members, religious, social and secular.

Participate as you wish, there’s a broad scope across the range of interests. Please call us! You are welcome at Yeshurun !

A sense of belonging and a future for your family? We’re here to help!

A chance to be a modern, observant Jew who prays and lives with similarly-minded people.

Where to live?

The Cheadle & Gatley area is lucky to have a wide range of affordable housing, within walking distance from the Synagogue and North Cheshire Jewish Primary School.

We also have planning permission for an Eruv in Cheadle and Gatley, including parks and recreation areas.

If you’re new to the area and would like advice about where to live, please do contact us –  Do you prefer to live in an apartment, affordable town house or detached property? Rent or buy? Nearer the primary school or close to the shops or to the parks? A bustling road or somewhere quieter? Close to the motorways for driving or the convenience of public transport?

We can offer practical help and advice.

Who are the members?

From single young people to families, one parent families and those enjoying the best years of their life, Yeshurun has a rich tapestry of members who all share one common attribute – welcoming others, irrespective of anything else.

We have over 300 families under the spiritual guidance of our modern-minded and learned Rabbi & Rebbetzen, Greg and Hannah Bank, with a passion for this Community and Israel. 

We have special rates of membership subscription for some categories of younger members and also for the first year of membership. With our charitable status, subscriptions can be gift aided.

Just contact our Office now on [email protected] or 0161 428 8242 to obtain a membership application form and details of subscription rates – or to talk through any matters on joining and living in the area.