Learning at Yeshurun

We are delighted that at Yeshurun there is a regular programme of education to suit various interests and levels, accessible both on Zoom and when permitted at Yeshurun itself.

Zoom is a popular medium and we are returning to Shul gradually when permitted by the Covid guidelines, for both learning and social activities, attracting large audiences and keeping the Community ‘in touch’.

Rabbi Greg and Rebbetzen Hannah both place significant emphasis on Jewish Education and regularly plan new and inventive programmes for different groups within the community. For current information please contact the Shul Office. 

DAILY HALACHA SHIUR is held in Shul and on Zoom for those self isolating or otherwise unable to attend. This is followed by the weekday Shacharit service in Shul and on Zoom.

DAILY DOSE OF TORAH will arrive at your phone electronically on weekday mornings, for you to hear the Rabbi’s short learning programme

DAILY TEHILLIM GROUP is a WhatsApp group that is working inspirationally through Tehillim, giving strength and encouragement at all times

THE WEEKLY SERMON arrives Friday afternoon electronically to your email-box, YouTube and FaceBook in video format to prepare us and inspire us for Shabbat

HEADSTART: START YOUR WEEK WITH HAVDALLAH !  A Highly popular interactive ZOOM session, an hour after Shabbat ends, where participants make Havdallah led by a celebrity guest, followed by 45 minutes of pure entertainment and inspiration from Israel and around the world – and sometimes closer to home.

SPECIAL EVENTS – run in conjunction with The Office of the Chief Rabbi and with Mizrachi, with participants from other UK Shuls and Guest Speakers and Performers from across the world

THIS WEEK’S HEADLINES is a Tuesday early-evening Shiur, picking the headlines in the Parshya and linking them to our covid-world as a pick-me-up and inspirational impetus for the week

HEBREW WITH HANNAH is a Wednesday ‘classroom’ session to equip beginners and intermediate Ivrit speakers with broader conversational skills, but be prepared for homework as well as translating Israeli adverts and some humourous political video

LUNCH & LEARN is a Thursday lunchtime session that takes place in Shul with a bagel lunch, and simultaneously in ZOOM with a strong participation by members and non-members remotely whether from home or office or on the move. This is a 2-part highly participative session:

  • The first part, Rabbi Greg poses and debates varying views on popular subjects and forthcoming Festivals
  • Then Rabbetzen Hannah gives related profound insights from Ladies in the Talmud in ‘Ethics of our Mothers’ – again with healthy debate from all participants 

BREAKFAST WITH THE JUDGES was a long-running Thursday morning session after davening – there was a sumptuous breakfast alongside a lively discussion on Tenach – now replaced by the 929 TENACH STUDY GROUP email learning led by His Hon Charles Bloom, and hoping to return post-covid to the Shabbat Kiddush timeslot in Shul.

THE SEDRA SOCIETY – Learning to Lehn – Gain a great skill, receive a private tutor, prepare bite-sized portions, learn at your own pace. Contact the Shul Office or Rabbi Greg – or one of the Gabbaim. 

SEED Every Monday evening, for many years, the SEED learning programme has continued at Yeshurun, where 1-2-1 learning takes place. Come along and learn with a partner chosen to match your interests, style and pace of learning.

CHABAD run a Men’s Parshya discussion group weekly on Thursday (at Chabad Cheadle)

 Audio-visual library for members, is currently under redevelopment, covering the weekly Sedra, The Festivals and other learning aspects of Judaism, accessible through this website, allowing for on-line listening and downloading for learning purposes.