Our Eruv Plans

In October 2020, the Cheadle & Gatley Eruv planning application was approved by Stockport Council. This was widely reported by both the Jewish press and the North West’s non-Jewish press.

An Eruv is fast becoming a ‘must have’ for young modern dynamic Orthodox congregations and for young professional couples relocating to the North West.

The Eruv will permit all members of Yeshurun and the wider Jewish Community, to carry and push buggies and wheelchairs during the Shabbat, thereby increasing the enjoyment and ease of Shabbat for all.

It will enhance the attractiveness of Yeshurun Cheadle & Gatley as a modern dynamic Community.

The expected boundary is illustrated, covering the main residential areas of our community and the 2 major parks and recreation areas – but please do not rely on this map until the build is completed.

So now we have planning permission to build the Eruv – what next?


Our focus now moves to international, national and local fundraising for the Eruv.

If you would like to help bring this into reality, do contact the Shul office and our Eruv team will get in touch with you.

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