The Building

buildings-pic1Yeshurun has an exceptional range of facilities to cater for its members and the wider community

Yeshurun has an impressive modern main synagogue and a smaller Bet Hamidrash with a special ruche, where weekday and Shabbat youth services are held.  Meetings and Shiurim are also held in the Bet Hamidrash.

Several library and learning facilities are available:

  • The Reference Library in the Bet Hamidrash contains the normal wide range of Rabbinic publications on Halachah.
  • The large Rowland Benson Library, by the entrance hall, contains both fiction and non-fiction works of general Jewish interest.
  • The Jack Stonefield Children’s Library contains books on Jewish topics aimed at children of all ages, and is particularly popular among the younger children during  Services.
  • The Audio Library has now been transferred to the web and contains a large store of recorded material from Shiurim and lectures over many years, including the weekly Sedra, the Festivals, seminars and visiting keynote speakers

The Synagogue also has two halls, both of which are available for general hire, for Simchas, parties, public lectures and other events:

  • The Main Social Hall  can cater for up to 200 people,
  • The smaller Shacter Hall (with integral Succah) can cater for 100 people.

The hire rates for both halls are very competitive – see below for a summary, contact the Synagogue Office for further details.

 There are a number of classrooms within the Synagogue and these are also available for hire, both as temporary venues for courses and meetings or as permanent offices for communal organisations. For further details, please contact the Synagogue Office.

Plans for the further development of the Shul have been submitted and approved by the local council, including accommodation for visiting Rabbonim, Chazanim or Youth Leaders and for a Mikveh. 

The Synagogue  Burial Society has its own cemetery with modern Ohel building in nearby Brookfield Road, Cheadle.


main-shulMain Shul

A fine example of late twentieth century architecture, its simplicity is enhanced by a gold and silver décor.  Of note is the beautiful decoration of the Ark doors, with its stylized lettering, which translates as ‘Know before whom one stands’, creating a solemn reminder of the Creator.   On the walls hang beautiful tapestries of the Twelve Tribes, which can be seen on the next drop-down menu page






bet-hamidrashBet Hamidrash

This beautiful Bet Hamidrash provides  a warm and welcoming environment for daily services and study. It is home to an extensive Torah library.

The ruach is especially noted on Friday evening services and on special occasions such as weekday morning Bar Mitzvas 






libraryRowland Benson Library

The library was dedicated  to honour the memory of Professor Rowland Benson, a professor at the University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology and a founder member of Yeshurun. It holds over 2500 books, covering a wide range of Jewish topics.

The library is normally open on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. or on request to the Shul Office





childrens-libraryChildren’s Library

The Library has a wide selection of children’s books which can be read either in the Synagogue or at home. It has informative books for infants and young children to read in Shul on Shabbat and Yom Tov, as well as books from primary school age to teenage and youth. The library is situated in the main foyer and all are welcome to use it.    It is dedicated to the memory of the late Jack Stonefield, who died of cancer in 2004 at a young age.







Halls and Hire Terms

The Halls are available to hire for  all Kosher Simchas, Parties and Events, including  Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, Engagements, Auf Rufs, Weddings, Birthdays and Anniversaries, as well as Jewish organisation meetings and conferences 

Main Social Hall (seats up to 200)

Saturday and Sunday nights – £400*
All other times – £200 for up to 4 hours*

Shacter Hall (seats up to 100)

All other times – £75 for up to 3 hours hire*

* Plus part/wholly returnable deposit depending on hall condition after event. Terms & Conditions apply – see Synagogue Office for all details




Thanks to the generosity of the Yeshurun membership, nearly £250,000 was raised between 2011 and 2013, to fund the complete renovation of the Synagogue buildings.  This included  the building fabric itself, as well as complete electrical, heating, lighting and roofing renovations.   The Synagogue grounds were refreshed, driveways and car parks resurfaced, trees and gardens tidied and replanted and security significantly enhanced with the generous assistance of the Community Security Trust.

Today  the renovations have been completed with the installation of a hearing loop system, as well as the intention to re-carpet throughout. The Community own the Rabbi’s house, and this too was fully renovated for the arrival of Rabbi and Rebbetzen Atlas and family. 

Thanks must go to all who contributed, organized and worked on the wonderful  renovations.