Smachot at Yeshurun

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, Yeshurun can provide a venue with a warm atmosphere, with endless possibilities for creating a simcha to remember. 

Yeshurun has two halls available for hire, so whether you’re planning a small, family Shabbat lunch or an all-out glitzy party, we have what you’re looking for in a Kosher venue in South Manchester.

The Shul

The Synagogue offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, and is a wonderful venue for a Barmitzvah, Batmitzvah or Wedding.  The Ladies section is situated in a slightly elevated position behind the Bimah, while the Gentlemen are  seated at either side of the Bimah; a layout which ensures that everybody in the Synagogue has  exceptional views of the services and ceremonies.

The Reception area

When guests arrive, the spacious entrance hall serves as a perfect place to welcome guests, serve them drinks and appetisers before leading them directly into the main hall.  There is also easy access to cloakrooms and modern washroom facilities for men and for women.

The Main Hall

Large  celebrations need a large room; one that can be  dressed in your own unique way.   Some people choose beautiful tablecovers and gorgeous flowers, while others  hire  specialised lighting and jaw-dropping room decorations.

The beauty of our main hall is that its neutral style lends itself to many different event styles; from a large Shabbat lunch to an evening party that will have  guests dining and dancing in style, the room is suitable to make it your own.

The Shacter Hall

Sometimes a smaller venue, just a little larger than home, is what is needed. For a lunch or dinner with family and friends, too many to accommodate at home, our modern yet intimate Shacter Hall can seat up to 80 people in comfort, with the tables dressed to your requirements.

The Synagogue has both meat and dairy kitchens available, and can be used by any of the licensed Kosher caterers approved by the Manchester Beth Din. In-house catering can be organised with the agreement of, and under supervision of Rabbi Greg.

Car parking for around 40 cars is available within the synagogue grounds, while there is plenty of additional parking space within a short walking distance for your guests.

Full details of booking and conditions of use are available from the Synagogue office.