Childrens Activities

Mum, Baby and Toddlers

For information on these activities during the week and on Shabbat, please contact the Shul office and Rebbetzen Hannah Bank.

THE LITTLE YESHROOM (playroom for babies and toddlers) is open on Shabbat mornings and Festivals for you, your babies and toddlers for a play and chat. A place for kids and parents, if sitting in Shul is too much.

Children’s Zoom and Shul activities

During Covid times, our Youth Leaders, Kobi and Chana, were running Zoom events for children and their parents. Now with the relaxation of restrictions, increasingly events are being run at the Shul and within the Community.

Children’s Services

There are regular Shabbat morning services, catering for two age groups up to 12 years. These are led by Kobi and Chana, assisted by a young dedicated team of teenagers. Enquiries via the Shul office.

Before or during festivals we often have more fun & learning sessions including arts and crafts such as Chanukah Finger painting.