Yeshurun’s Hearts Are In Safe Hands

The shul has been very fortunate to have received a donation for the purpose of buying a defibrillator. These machines are becoming more common in public places and are designed to be used by anyone, even without training. We recently held a First Aid training, where our group leaders, Board and even the Rabbi were trained in CPR. They were then shown how to use the defibrillator once they had mastered the vital skills of resuscitation.

The training was provided by a Red Cross Trainer, organised via Magen David Adom at no charge to the shul. We are very grateful to the MDA for their support. As this session was oversubscribed we are planning another soon.
The photo shows Rabbi Kanterovitz practising the recovery position on Dr Tony Kaye watched by Gail Taylor, Leah Burman, Julia Seager, Peter Newgrosh, Irving Normie, Roger Baker and Andy Feldman.

first-aid training